Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Broke & Talented: Reason Behind the Rhyme

Meaning of the Title "Broke & Talented"

A lot of people have asked me, "Why are you telling people you're broke or poor?" Well I'm not rich either, but the meaning is deeper than that. I'm using the word "Broke" in a sense of being broken than unwealthy. If you've been in the game for as long as I have you've come across your fair share or hustlers, con men, and dream sellers. The fact of the matter is the game of hip hop is over saturated with personalities that influence the talent way more than a talents that brings in a profits. And everyone wants a piece and will sometimes do anything to get it. So my view of the art form "hip hop" that I have loved since a child is "broken" due to what I've seen and what I continue to see.

Rhyme & Reason
48 Bar of PowerI knew the very moment I began writing this song it would be the intro to this album. This song represents where I've been and what I've seen throughout my lifetime. Not that I'm giving you laws to go by like Robert Greene's novel "48 Laws of Power" but the lyrics to me are soulfully empowering as a person.

Drive & Ambition: This song was inspired by a friend of mine, he has a clothing line named "Drive & Ambition", and these lyrics represent anyone chasing their dreams no matter what road blocks are in their path and chasing that dream with furious velocity. Using criticism as fuel and making nonbelievers realize your visions can't be denied.

Been There Before: Been there done that mentality on this one. Talking a little smack, letting people know no matter what your opinion is of me, I will rise every time.

One Way Road: It was written. The choices I've made, bad or good, but I made them. This song represents the struggle I fight with good versus evil on an everyday basis. And to have no regrets no matter what happens in the end.

Go Outside: I love the chorus on this one: "On ya facebook twittering blogging delivering yo thoughts on yo computer screen, on ya iPhone at home I be traveling to places and to spots that you at never seen, you wanna cop this cop that man I let the top back mob out and go outside, let the sun beam hit me in my face while you on myspace we gon take a ride..." self explanatory....

Bout To Go: What this song in a nut means to me is, "Dwell on the past but I'm headed to legendary things according to what my opinion of what legendary means."

Anotha Day Another Dolla: Like I said in the hook, "this ain't no rap song, this is my confession, this is just a day in my life, another day another dollar, they say mo money mo problems, I'd like to have em all..." This is my confession of what I'm currently going through right now as a struggling indie artist with an actual full time job, making a living the legal way.

Shine Shine Shine: The beat inspired my talk a little shit on this one. Not my fault, lol. I just wanna shine shine shine....

Gonna Be Jealous: Love + Hate = Jealously. Seems like no one wants anyone until they're with someone else. Sad truth.

Cocaine Line Rock Editon: Kids, this song is not in no way endorsing drug use, it's just a metaphor, lol. And when Ant Jones added the rock element to this song he took it to another level. 

It's Not a Dream: Everyday I watch the news or I may go on worldstar or youtube and I see things I never thought I'd see in my lifetime. This song deals with issues that makes you pinch yourself and makes you say this can't be life.

See You Smile: Sometimes it's as simplistic as seeing people you love smile that makes you feel like you're on top the world. This song expresses that feeling in musical form and a little autotune, lol.

Cost of Living: This song is like a sequel to "Anotha Day Another Dolla", talking about the everyday struggle living you life by the book, and the temptations that I encounter on an everyday basis.

Killing Me Softly: It may seem that I'm talking about a person in this song but in actuality I'm discussing my relationship with hip hop on this one. The year I was born was the same year "Rappers Delight" became hip hop's first mainstream hit. Rap music unlike other genres hasn't been around long enough to have senior citizen reliving the golden age of hip hop. Hip Hop is like a middle aged man compared to other genres. So when I was a teenager so was hip hop, and like people the older we get the farther we grew apart in some ways. Probably my favorite song on the album.

Take No Loss: I'm repping my click, my label on this one. We hustle, we stay out the red, we take no loss. #WINNING

Never Forget: Storytelling at its best, talking about what you give up, what you sacrifice to chase your dreams. Sometimes it may be a wonderful person that you miss out on, or it could be other things. The things you miss out on throughout you journey to grab that brass ring. 

Lead the Way: This song I'm talking about my relationship God and no matter where I am in life I'm still willing to follow the path he has set for me. Everyone has a purpose and I ask him to just  lead the way on mine.

I Don't Know Why: Just like I knew "48 Bars of Power" would be my intro I knew this song would be my outro. These are questions we might all ask everyday that aren't meant to be answered. Personally I keep it moving forward and don't make excuses. Just spread my wings and fly...


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