Saturday, May 21, 2011

5 Artist Who Influenced Me the Most

First and foremost, this not a ranking or any debatable issue, this is just a list of people who have influenced me the most and in very different ways. These people are the reasons why I am Bud Da Great.
 1. Chuck D taught me to FIGHT THE POWER! The first rapper I ever heard tackle political and social issues on wax. Not saying he was the first, just saying he was the first I heard. Realizing that we as artist have a platform to communicate to many people on Earth, I take great pride when I use this platform for the greater good of society.
 2. Bobby "Blue" Bland taught me the importance of capturing an audience's attention by just hearing the sound of his voice. Having a unique sound like myself, learning to control it and play it like you would do an instrument can take you from "rough around the edges" to legendary.

3. Master P taught me that a rapper from Louisiana can make it in this industry. As a teenager we rooted for No Limit just like you would root for your favorite football team. And the reason why is because we wanted to see a Louisiana product flourish in the industry.
4. Johnny Cash taught me the art of storytelling and song writing. The best to ever do it in my opinion. He pushed the envelope more than anyone back then in a time when everything was considered taboo. He was Kanye before Kanye was Kanye.
5. Scarface taught me how to make someone feel what you're saying. There is a lot of rappers that have great flows, spit punchline after punchline, but only few that can actually make you feel there pain. Paint a picture so vividly lyrically.... there are not too many rappers that can do that.

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